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11-06-10: In light of recent events as well as ongoing health problems will close down it's activities indefinetly
It was a good time with some very pleasant high lights, great rewards and a lot of talented people I had the pleasure to work with.

11-04-20: Started work on a little iphone project for an Australian client with a fun 2D art style

11-04-01: Zombie Drop is climbing in the Mac Store charts. Giving the angry birds a run for the money!
Zombie Drop iOS
and now available for Mac OS
Zombie Drop Mac

11-02-01: Going freelance again after a few bigger projects in the past years. It should be fun in a stressful sort of way.

SpriteAttack will no longer do projects
iPhone: Board game port to mobile platforms
iPhone: Collection of minigames
iPhone: Zombie Drop [iphone and ipad]
iPhone: Bumps [ipad coming soon]
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